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Depending on the project, Levia works with individuals already in place, or forms a multidisciplinary team of collaborators possessing the required skills to deliver the project or the desired outcomes.


Marie-Claude Pelletier, MBA, ASC

Marie-Claude Pelletier has been involved for more than 25 years in the development and management of businesses and large-scale projects, mainly in the area of health, in both Canada and Europe.

Provigo, the Desjardins Group, Capsana, and Groupe entreprise en santé, not to mention her very own company, Levia, have all benefited from Ms. Pelletier’s skills in piloting the development or deployment of several successful large-scale initiatives in disease prevention and health promotion.

Ms. Pelletier also founded Global-Watch.com , an international collaborative platform that offers employers toolkits, popularized scientific knowledge and the facilitation of a community of practice.

Ms. Pelletier has developed a rather unique skillset in ways to promote health and quality of work life, leading to a positive impact on organizational performance. She is actively involved in promoting health in the workplace, namely through conferences, media interviews, and training in those areas in Canada and Europe. She also lectures in a graduate program on organizational health, and serves several boards of directors.

Ms. Pelletier has an executive MBA from McGill University and HEC, and is a certified corporate director.

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